Can I have a healing experience with the Program?

Absolutely. This Manifesting Program is a healing experience for the soul. Some say that the healing vibration they experience from doing this program is what they have been searching for their entire lives. Here is one woman's experience of the Manifesting Program.

People experience everything from a release of buried negativity they didn't know was blocking their vibration inside them, to a spiritual high and feeling of being purified from any negative issues. During the program you will experience whatever you are most needing to experience. However, the end result after 90 days is that you will be more relaxed, at peace, and confident inside.

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People have even overcome years of self-doubt, negative thinking and released major fears that has been stopping their life for years. These are all natural effects of doing the program for 90 days. By releasing these internal blocks it will help you manifesting something better in your outer world.

How can the Manifesting Routine actually increase my Manifesting Vibration?

Manifesting is a powerful and magical force that is always working for you in your life. Yet like a muscle that is not exercised, it gets weaker, slower and fatigued with time. The manifesting routine is your metaphysical fitness program that will get your manifesting muscles in SHAPE.

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By following the morning manifesting routine for 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week, your energy and focus will become EXTREMELY POWERFUL in 90 days or less. The vibration you have tomorrow is built off of today and grows exponentially. So throughout the next 90 days, you will start to see your desires manifested.

How long does it usually take to manifest results?

Manifesting results depends on these 3 factors.

1. How much resistance or attachment you have to receiving your desired outcome.

2. How high (or low) your vibration is to begin with.

3. How actively you openly participate in the 8 habits manifesting routine for 6 days a week.

Most people start seeing results around the 3rd or 4th week on the manifesting routine. Some have see miraculous things show up in 24 hours while others it took them 8 weeks. You will increase your vibration depending on how big your desire is to break through your resistance to changing your thoughts, attitude, and vibration.

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Usually after the 3rd week of doing the routine, you will have raised your vibration many degrees higher and start feeling that you are a manifesting magnet. After 90 days at this higher vibration, you will be able to truly sit back, relax and see that the Universe is handling ALL the details for you. Sometimes even within minutes after a manifesting technique is done people receive phone calls out of the blue with unbelievably good things that wanted to happen.

The Manifesting routine is fun and you can see results immediately so it is EASY to do and stay with for months and even years. This special high vibrational morning routine is essential for STOPPING PROCRASTINATION and getting super clear about what it is you really truly want.

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The manifesting routine takes just 45 minute in the morning yet creates LIFE transformational results down the road. Doing the routine you'll improve your wealth, health, relationships and spiritual connection dramatically. Even after one week on the routine, you will find the intentions you set are more solid and manifest themselves with more ease.

How does Manifesting work?

Manifesting is the science of how we can easily and effortlessly materialize our desires into the physical world.   It is our innate ability to bring ANY desired thought into our reality.  We are naturally born a manifestor, and this is a gift that you cannot lose.  Yet, if you have had many negative beliefs, thoughts and experiences you may be living in fear and blocking your optimum manifesting ability from coming through.
The higher your vibration is, the faster your desires manifest will for you.  By doing the 8 habits manifesting routine, you are guaranteed to increase your energy, focus, and manifesting abilities.  With this higher energy, you'll see amazing success begins to effortlessly come your way.

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Learning the secrets to Manifesting is about letting go of stress and struggle and having more fun in your life.  It's about releasing your attachment to your desired outcome and remaining open, relaxed and positively focused on WHAT YOU WANT.  It's also knowing how to stay FREE from those thoughts and feelings that keep repeating which YOU DON'T WANT.
The techniques in the program will raise your body-mind's vibration to such a high degree that the feelings of bliss, love, and abundance will be your natural state of being.  From this place you will start seeing miraculous results show up in your world.
When you can remain centered for 90 days in a highly focused and energized bodymind, AMAZING things begin manifesting all around you.  This more powerful connection with the Universe is available to you right now, all that you need is knowing how to access it.

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Super Manifestor Package Refund Policy

If you have read, truly followed and actually have done the 8 Habits Manifesting Routine for 90 days in a row and it didn't help you achieve greater love, financial success or inner peace in your life, then you can qualify for a refund. If you not completely 100% satisfied AFTER 90 days on the Manifesting Routine, you can apply for a refund.

Why is our refund policy set up this way? We know this program works IF you do it. We believe that purchasing this program IS your commitment to changing your attitude, energy, consciousness and your entire life. It makes you be responsible for creating a life tht you love! This is not an instant miracle producing program that makes all your dreams come true in 24 hours just by reading it (although it has done that for many people). Like anything in life, you must do the work to see results. Think of it as an enlightening investment in your future self and a way to totally transform your life.

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Even when you truly follow the 8 habits manifesting routine for only a few weeks, your vibration and energy will change. To start manifesting that amazing life you desire, you must start doing things differently. If you truly did this "homework assignment" and it didn't transform your life, help you achieve greater love, financial success or inner peace, then we could say our program didn't work for you and we will gladly refund all your money. Yet, if you don't do it at all and refuse to change your habits of living, then we cannot support you in your continuation of old habits that do not serve your highest good. Does that sound fair?

I am offering you this unique 90 day money back guarantee because I want you to experience how powerful you truly are. I want you to stop living a life of excuses and having to play the victim game with others. I know that deep inside your being that you have the power to create ANYTHING your heart desires. The Super Manifesting Program has done exactly this for thousands of people from 60+ countries around the world, so I know it will work for you. You have nothing to lose and a magical powerful life to gain in 90 days or less! This is perhaps the most amazing transformation you can have. Get ready to step onto the most powerful playing field and have fun learning how to raise your vibration and manifest your dreams!

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